Sunday, 30 August 2015

First entry!

Assalamualaikum saya ucapkan,
Post pertama blog ini,
Selamat datang saya ucapkan,
Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah ke sini.

Wah tak percaya ada blog sendiri! Teringin nak ada blog sendiri sebab tengok blog-blog lain semua cantik-cantik! Dengan template and header dorang cantik-cantik. I hope I can design my own blog, and yeah impian dah jadi kenyataan.

I inspired to make this blog because of my friends. They are my classmates. Go check out their blog: Zarifah and Syirah.

Also I make blog because I want to share anything I want. About my feeling, life, family and all. I also can share the knowledge, right? Oh oh, I can share recipes too! I loves cooking and baking. It doesn't mean I'm  always cooking and baking. But when I'm in the mood, I will be very active while doing it. Sometimes I'm lazy to cook but yeah, I loves cooking especially baking!
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It's sooo hard to think what to write in the first entry. It takes a looong time. When I just write some sentences, I delete it back. It happens again again and again. tulis-delete. tulis-delete. tulis-delete (you can repeat it how many times you want).

So I decided to start with serangkap pantun haha. Tu jelah idea yg ada. Tu pun lama jugak nak perah otak fikir pantun.

So now I have ideas how to start this first entry.

Hmm, maybe you are wondering what is NNA? N is Nur.
Another N is Nashwa and A is Alia. Yeah, that's my name hehe. Ada cerita di sebalik kependekan nama ni.
That time when I was 10 years old (hmm i don't sure actually), I need a recorder (it is a music instrument) for music class at school. so we went to Mydin to buy it. I bought the red colour recorder. After bought it (at home), I wanted to write my name on it but there is no space to write and that time I didn't know how to use permanent marker haha. I just staring at the recorder while holding it, after a while my sister came to our (my sister and I) room. She asked what am I doing. So she took her marker and she suggested NNA name. So I just "Hmm.. okay" (lebih kuranglah cakap camtu cause I don't really remember it hahah). So until now I use NNA as my short name. But my signature is not NNA hehe. So yaa that's the 'history' hahah.

Red colour woww.

this is where my sister wrote NNA

Emm, I hope you enjoy this blog. Sorry for all the english mistakes, grammars and all.
Haha I don't believe I can write this long but when write essay FAIL. But I hope I can score the essay in PT3 hahah.

Sorry because I wrote in 2 languages. MANGLISH. I will try to improve my English.

Thanks for reading!

Assalamualaikum. ♥ 

P/S: my birthday is on 1 September! Another 2 days!