Friday, 3 May 2019

habis Asasi!

It's been ages since the last time I wrote here. Even the last post I wrote was in August last year and never post it, just make it draft lol. It's because I never finish my sentence (idea block) and the story ended up bo--ring. ha that's what I thought.

ok nevermind.

You know that I didn't write after so longg but I still check the analytics. Who was visiting my blog, why did they do so even though I did not write anything hahaa. I noticed that my post- recipe vanilla crunchy cookies has the highest viewers (?) Glad that YOU like it hehehe.

Back to the title, I have finished my foundation life in UPM. Yess ASPer! Yesterday was the last paper of the final exam. I am really glad! It was a memorable 8 months in ASPer. All seniors were like 'You guys will MISS Asper so much when you enter degree life later'. Um. If you ask me now, do I miss my friends, classmates and anything related to Asper? NO. I bet I WILL miss my friends and the memories next 4 months, yes. (I will tell more of this in... the next post?)

um, see I don't know what else to say. Should I post this? ----this will not be deleted

btw I'm writing in English because of I was influenced after reading an English thriller book and enjoy it so much hha. I even read it even though I NEED to read my biology book for the next paper.

What I've been up to? These days, I'm learning hangul writing. I didn't learn the meaning yet hehe. Just learn how to write the Korean language. I dreamed to learn multiple languages but don't know and confused about which one to learn first. So... because I watched K-drama and learn some phrases from it, I'm interested in learning the language. And.. hehe I also a k-popper (but I don't like using this term. Idk why??). But I'm not like those fanatic fans. Oh the group is BTOB and Red Velvet. I have bought an album, lightstick and handy fan. uhh, broke fan.

I will come back home tomorrow morning. My parents and sister will pick me up. Yea gotta pack the things in this roOm. Compared to my roommates', I have a lot of stuff because my house is just 15 minutes away, I come back home every weekend and that every time, I bring back stuff that I thought useful but hmm not. Haha so I feel sorry to my sis and mom because I asked their help to carry hee.

During these 4 months of the break before entering degree's life, I thought of doing a part-time job at a factory, maybe? I'm not sure yet... I also wanted to revise driving car and riding motorcycle huhu.. The last time I drove/rode them was 4 months ago uhuk. I felt sorry for my parents because 'it's just a waste of money that I learned to drive but still ask my parents/brother/sister to send me anywhere--'.
Ha I want to teach my little brother riding a bicycle. He's 11 years old. Sigh... He didn't know how to ride yet, aduhai. Learn sewing, baking, cooking, learn electronic piano (keyboard), open a business. The list goes on... I'm just planning. The to-do list is just the same as the one during the break when I'm waiting for SPM results lol.. I manage to tick some but still-- not all plan I manage to do hm.

OK BOring


thanks for stopping by and read this ridiculous story of mine. Assalamualaikum.

Friday, 24 August 2018



3 years ago,
i had this view under the bougainvillea tree. after some times, it grew too much until it annoyed my father to park the car. so, my mother cut some of the branch that grew towards the parking side.

today, i sat under the plant again, thinking, will ibu cut again the branches again? yes, she will. tengokk, bunga2 tu dah ada atas kereta dahh hahaha. tibrr. Bm pulak 😂

so beautiful😍

Monday, 20 August 2018

cuti mid sem


selamat hari raya Haji. hehh Rabu nilah Nashwa..

Dah lama tak tulis kat blog ni eh. Ibu kata "tulislah pasal amali pertanian yang ada setiap Khamis tu.." Nash suruh ibu tengok whatsapp status, tapi ibu takde masa huhu, lagi pun 24 jam, hilangg... betul jugak tu, tulis kat blog,

Semalam tolong Ibu tanam pokok lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) 
selamat bercuti pertengahan semester asasi.

apakah ini. takde idea ;_;