Wednesday, 1 January 2020

To Twenty

play the audio while reading :D 

Lyrics from a song:
Hello? Now finally saying hello
I'm too late, right?
Eventually I popped in and came in like this
And here we’re meeting

I just wish you keep shining like this
Just drawing you smiling like that
There's a lot I really hope
But sometimes it's covered in the shadow
I can’t do anything about my heart feeling sad

You don't have to dress up
You don't have to be nervous
It's okay to stop for a while
I'm whispering to my twenty today
That I'll always be there

I hope you have a dream-less dream
Comfortably closing my eyes peacefully
There are so many thing to draw out
I can't draw it all with not enough paint
I know this image looks like me

It's only just me
Hope I have a comfortable night filled with my thoughts
I don't know where to put this anxiety
I don't know how much to take away

There’s no such thing as "what if"
Already in the past
I know it's not there, but (when we meet again)
I'm whispering to my twenty today
Solely because I'm always listening to you
Nanana nanana
To you
Happy new year and happy twenty years old dear friends hehehe.
I have been listening to this song since it first came out and was feeling 'excited' about turning 20. Idk why?? ok umm I guess my inner self can't wait to be an adult lol. (but i dowannn TT.)
If I could turn back time, I wish to be a kid again :')  *sigh* just go on with the life, right? by the way, the lyrics of the song is so meaningful to me :'). The lyric and melody, I like it! (titled Dear Diary by Yeri)

Hope 2020 will be a better year for me. Oh, I bought a planner. *proud* lol. I really wished to have a planner since last year (2019, but I still feel 2019 hahah), so a really rajin me went to The Mines going by SmartSelangor bus (it's free!1!) alone haha. Bought the planner at a bookstore in The Mines. ok, It was a bit tiring lol going there by /public transport/. anyways, anything free, I can ehek.
The book clip is made by me (and my Ibu) :) hehe. Ok I guess I'm bad in photographing lol. Tried to use props and all but umm yeah that's how it turns out :')

To let go is harder than holding on. -H.D.L

Monday, 21 October 2019


that legendary tree in UPM captured by my phone (hhahaa)
I just want to put it here ^^

Okay, I admit there are A LOt of draft posts that I didn't manage to finish writing them. T__T. Hm.
It's almost November. Almost 2 months I'm in university, taking my degree studies. I'm currently doing a Bachelor in Process and Food Engineering in UPM.

So far, it's not hard and not really busy and stressful or whatever stressful news I heard from typical engineering students, glad. But, I'm doomedddddd on Mass and Energy Balance test 1 this evening T_______T. I didn't expect that the questions will be like that?? But, I'm glad it's not only me hahah. Everyone else also were like "apalah aku jawab tadi...... merapuu... barai" ok let's just pray that our lecturer is nice enough to give extra marks huhu.

cat sleeping on a rainy day (yes, you can't see that it's raining)
Aside from taking engineering-related subjects, I'm taking Japanese language subject hee. It was fun learning the language. Ok, the reason was I don't want to take agriculture subject (because I'm an ASPer student and ASPer student is being excluded from taking the subject), so to get enough credit hour, I take a language class. I actually wanted to take Korean language, but UPM didn't offer it, so I go to my second option which is Japanese language.

Ok, what else?
Let's stop here :p. I'm running out of idea. Before that, I have the urge to write something today because I was shocked to see the blog stats. There was a lot of viewer today hahaah. Suddenly, I feel like writing something.


thanks to Grammarly. It corrects my not perfect English haaaha

Friday, 3 May 2019

habis Asasi!

It's been ages since the last time I wrote here. Even the last post I wrote was in August last year and never post it, just make it draft lol. It's because I never finish my sentence (idea block) and the story ended up bo--ring. ha that's what I thought.

ok nevermind.

You know that I didn't write after so longg but I still check the analytics. Who was visiting my blog, why did they do so even though I did not write anything hahaa. I noticed that my post- recipe vanilla crunchy cookies has the highest viewers (?) Glad that YOU like it hehehe.

Back to the title, I have finished my foundation life in UPM. Yess ASPer! Yesterday was the last paper of the final exam. I am really glad! It was a memorable 8 months in ASPer. All seniors were like 'You guys will MISS Asper so much when you enter degree life later'. Um. If you ask me now, do I miss my friends, classmates and anything related to Asper? NO. I bet I WILL miss my friends and the memories next 4 months, yes. (I will tell more of this in... the next post?)

um, see I don't know what else to say. Should I post this? ----this will not be deleted

btw I'm writing in English because of I was influenced after reading an English thriller book and enjoy it so much hha. I even read it even though I NEED to read my biology book for the next paper.

What I've been up to? These days, I'm learning hangul writing. I didn't learn the meaning yet hehe. Just learn how to write the Korean language. I dreamed to learn multiple languages but don't know and confused about which one to learn first. So... because I watched K-drama and learn some phrases from it, I'm interested in learning the language. And.. hehe I also a k-popper (but I don't like using this term. Idk why??). But I'm not like those fanatic fans. Oh the group is BTOB and Red Velvet. I have bought an album, lightstick and handy fan. uhh, broke fan.

I will come back home tomorrow morning. My parents and sister will pick me up. Yea gotta pack the things in this roOm. Compared to my roommates', I have a lot of stuff because my house is just 15 minutes away, I come back home every weekend and that every time, I bring back stuff that I thought useful but hmm not. Haha so I feel sorry to my sis and mom because I asked their help to carry hee.

During these 4 months of the break before entering degree's life, I thought of doing a part-time job at a factory, maybe? I'm not sure yet... I also wanted to revise driving car and riding motorcycle huhu.. The last time I drove/rode them was 4 months ago uhuk. I felt sorry for my parents because 'it's just a waste of money that I learned to drive but still ask my parents/brother/sister to send me anywhere--'.
Ha I want to teach my little brother riding a bicycle. He's 11 years old. Sigh... He didn't know how to ride yet, aduhai. Learn sewing, baking, cooking, learn electronic piano (keyboard), open a business. The list goes on... I'm just planning. The to-do list is just the same as the one during the break when I'm waiting for SPM results lol.. I manage to tick some but still-- not all plan I manage to do hm.

OK BOring


thanks for stopping by and read this ridiculous story of mine. Assalamualaikum.