Hi, I'm Nur Nashwa Alia. Call me Nashwa or Nash. Some people call me Alia. I mean there is only 1 person call me Alia which is my BM teacher when I was 11. My Nenek call Azwa, she can't pronounce that 'sh', so yeahh. ahhaha. in another 'world' i'm known as Cherry :)

I was born on 1 September at Maghrib time. 1.9.7

Favourite food? this is typical but I LOVE my mom's cooking sooo muchh, i like western foods, and almost all type of nasi goreng like cina, pataya, paprik, kampung etc. i prefer ordering nasi goreng or mee than nasi campur when i'm eating outside.     who doesn't like chocolate? (you noob! people who allergic to eatlahh) i mean everyone likes it hahah. i love chocolate--the main ingredients. choc in ice-cream, bread, cookies, cake, pastries. hm what else? out of all, i love the most is choc in cookies because it is not easily getting the feeling of 'muak' lol.

Favourite drink? one family of milk drink-- air keladi, jagung, carrot susu, green tea milk and teh susu(tarik). i also like to drink milo... err i mean chocolate drink--cold ice, hot or the blended one. and coffee! i just found my fav brand of coffee which is Aik Cheong( is that how to spell it?)

Favourite colour? pastel colour, pink, turqoise, white, yellow, sky blue
i just realise i have a lot of light/sky blue stuffs. gotta collect more!

My hobby? reading novels and info on internet, surfing internet, bicycling, cooking, baking, sleep

started blogging: 30 August 2015