Wednesday, 1 January 2020

To Twenty

play the audio while reading :D 

Lyrics from a song:
Hello? Now finally saying hello
I'm too late, right?
Eventually I popped in and came in like this
And here we’re meeting

I just wish you keep shining like this
Just drawing you smiling like that
There's a lot I really hope
But sometimes it's covered in the shadow
I can’t do anything about my heart feeling sad

You don't have to dress up
You don't have to be nervous
It's okay to stop for a while
I'm whispering to my twenty today
That I'll always be there

I hope you have a dream-less dream
Comfortably closing my eyes peacefully
There are so many thing to draw out
I can't draw it all with not enough paint
I know this image looks like me

It's only just me
Hope I have a comfortable night filled with my thoughts
I don't know where to put this anxiety
I don't know how much to take away

There’s no such thing as "what if"
Already in the past
I know it's not there, but (when we meet again)
I'm whispering to my twenty today
Solely because I'm always listening to you
Nanana nanana
To you
Happy new year and happy twenty years old dear friends hehehe.
I have been listening to this song since it first came out and was feeling 'excited' about turning 20. Idk why?? ok umm I guess my inner self can't wait to be an adult lol. (but i dowannn TT.)
If I could turn back time, I wish to be a kid again :')  *sigh* just go on with the life, right? by the way, the lyrics of the song is so meaningful to me :'). The lyric and melody, I like it! (titled Dear Diary by Yeri)

Hope 2020 will be a better year for me. Oh, I bought a planner. *proud* lol. I really wished to have a planner since last year (2019, but I still feel 2019 hahah), so a really rajin me went to The Mines going by SmartSelangor bus (it's free!1!) alone haha. Bought the planner at a bookstore in The Mines. ok, It was a bit tiring lol going there by /public transport/. anyways, anything free, I can ehek.
The book clip is made by me (and my Ibu) :) hehe. Ok I guess I'm bad in photographing lol. Tried to use props and all but umm yeah that's how it turns out :')

To let go is harder than holding on. -H.D.L

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