Monday, 21 October 2019


that legendary tree in UPM captured by my phone (hhahaa)
I just want to put it here ^^

Okay, I admit there are A LOt of draft posts that I didn't manage to finish writing them. T__T. Hm.
It's almost November. Almost 2 months I'm in university, taking my degree studies. I'm currently doing a Bachelor in Process and Food Engineering in UPM.

So far, it's not hard and not really busy and stressful or whatever stressful news I heard from typical engineering students, glad. But, I'm doomedddddd on Mass and Energy Balance test 1 this evening T_______T. I didn't expect that the questions will be like that?? But, I'm glad it's not only me hahah. Everyone else also were like "apalah aku jawab tadi...... merapuu... barai" ok let's just pray that our lecturer is nice enough to give extra marks huhu.

cat sleeping on a rainy day (yes, you can't see that it's raining)
Aside from taking engineering-related subjects, I'm taking Japanese language subject hee. It was fun learning the language. Ok, the reason was I don't want to take agriculture subject (because I'm an ASPer student and ASPer student is being excluded from taking the subject), so to get enough credit hour, I take a language class. I actually wanted to take Korean language, but UPM didn't offer it, so I go to my second option which is Japanese language.

Ok, what else?
Let's stop here :p. I'm running out of idea. Before that, I have the urge to write something today because I was shocked to see the blog stats. There was a lot of viewer today hahaah. Suddenly, I feel like writing something.


thanks to Grammarly. It corrects my not perfect English haaaha

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