Friday, 3 May 2019

habis Asasi!

It's been ages since the last time I wrote here. Even the last post I wrote was in August last year and never post it, just make it draft lol. It's because I never finish my sentence (idea block) and the story ended up bo--ring. ha that's what I thought.

ok nevermind.

You know that I didn't write after so longg but I still check the analytics. Who was visiting my blog, why did they do so even though I did not write anything hahaa. I noticed that my post- recipe vanilla crunchy cookies has the highest viewers (?) Glad that YOU like it hehehe.

Back to the title, I have finished my foundation life in UPM. Yess ASPer! Yesterday was the last paper of the final exam. I am really glad! It was a memorable 8 months in ASPer. All seniors were like 'You guys will MISS Asper so much when you enter degree life later'. Um. If you ask me now, do I miss my friends, classmates and anything related to Asper? NO. I bet I WILL miss my friends and the memories next 4 months, yes. (I will tell more of this in... the next post?)

um, see I don't know what else to say. Should I post this? ----this will not be deleted

btw I'm writing in English because of I was influenced after reading an English thriller book and enjoy it so much hha. I even read it even though I NEED to read my biology book for the next paper.

What I've been up to? These days, I'm learning hangul writing. I didn't learn the meaning yet hehe. Just learn how to write the Korean language. I dreamed to learn multiple languages but don't know and confused about which one to learn first. So... because I watched K-drama and learn some phrases from it, I'm interested in learning the language. And.. hehe I also a k-popper (but I don't like using this term. Idk why??). But I'm not like those fanatic fans. Oh the group is BTOB and Red Velvet. I have bought an album, lightstick and handy fan. uhh, broke fan.

I will come back home tomorrow morning. My parents and sister will pick me up. Yea gotta pack the things in this roOm. Compared to my roommates', I have a lot of stuff because my house is just 15 minutes away, I come back home every weekend and that every time, I bring back stuff that I thought useful but hmm not. Haha so I feel sorry to my sis and mom because I asked their help to carry hee.

During these 4 months of the break before entering degree's life, I thought of doing a part-time job at a factory, maybe? I'm not sure yet... I also wanted to revise driving car and riding motorcycle huhu.. The last time I drove/rode them was 4 months ago uhuk. I felt sorry for my parents because 'it's just a waste of money that I learned to drive but still ask my parents/brother/sister to send me anywhere--'.
Ha I want to teach my little brother riding a bicycle. He's 11 years old. Sigh... He didn't know how to ride yet, aduhai. Learn sewing, baking, cooking, learn electronic piano (keyboard), open a business. The list goes on... I'm just planning. The to-do list is just the same as the one during the break when I'm waiting for SPM results lol.. I manage to tick some but still-- not all plan I manage to do hm.

OK BOring


thanks for stopping by and read this ridiculous story of mine. Assalamualaikum.

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